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Today in Marketing: Big Brands Use St. Patrick’s Day Themed Advertising We wanted to peruse the web to find and credit some great St. Patrick’s Day marketing tactics. These big brands used green and St. Patrick’s Day themed ideas to grab attention today. Walmart cleverly designed all of their images and icons for their products [read more]

Today there are hundreds if not thousands of social media platforms and applications that are trying to compete with the market. We cover certain types of businesses that should be using the most popular social media platforms below. Facebook: Facebook is a unique business marketing tool because it is both discoverable and branded. It takes [read more]

I cannot count how many times I have opened a mobile site?on my iPhone only to immediately close it and go to the next option on Google due to the functionality, or load time, or organization, or lack of accessible information. I give a mobile site 15 seconds to provide me with what I am [read more]

Super Bowl Commercial Legacies Assuming that over 112,000,000 people will be watching the big game on Sunday, advertisers are held to a certain standard for the pricey Super Bowl ad spots. The likelihood of viewership only adds to the pressure of creating a commercial which is both entertaining and memorable for its content and their [read more]

Usability and readability, two things that are necessary in this day and age to excel in the realm of digital marketing. What are they? Usability reflects the ability your customer has to navigate the content of your website. Readability reflects the ease at which the customer does that. With the website still claiming the spot [read more]

As a project manager, I am always looking for ways to improve efficiency and save the money-maker of all industries, TIME. In browsing productivity seminars, I was introduced to Brian Tracy. He is a motivational speaker for personal development in the business world. This guy knows his stuff! He has a metaphor for time management [read more]

Pay per click is a marketing strategy that has the ability to gain you high traffic to your website. As one of the most beneficial, and used, forms of advertising pay per click, or PPC, is strictly devoted to internet marketing. With PPC, customers only pay for the amount of advertising that they receive. As [read more]

If you have a business of your own you have probably heard multiple times how important it is to get your business on the first page of search engines. Search engine marketing has become increasingly popular in an effort to attract more customers to a specific website. While more and more users flock to Google, [read more]

On April 21st, Google will unveil its new algorithm which is slated to have a bigger impact than previous updates, Google Panda and Google Penguin, on a websites’ mobile traffic.? If your website has not converted to a mobile-friendly platform yet, you should make it your top priority. According to Google, they anticipate that 2015 [read more]

More and more businesses are creating online personas through their websites, social media accounts and by blogging to their clientele. A blog is an online post discussing a certain topic. As more and more companies begin utilizing blogging as a way to communicate with their followers they are simultaneously receiving a plethora of benefits. Here [read more]

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