Taylored Thoughts

The internet is constantly changing, it’s undeniable. Years ago Internet access was only available on a heavy desktop computer that had to “dial-up” the internet. Nowadays users are able to access the internet from a number of devices including tablets, laptops, watches and mobile devices. According to comScore 80% of Internet users own a smart [read more]

With the continued updates of Google’s search engine algorithms, SEO marketing has become increasingly complex. In keeping with the continual improvements of search engine software, Internet marketing experts? are now increasingly focusing on a more holistic approach in line with traditional marketing and content marketing strategy and techniques. ? Among the new trends we are [read more]

Social media has changed the way companies are marketing themselves. The ever-changing society we live in has now put an emphasis on the importance of social profiles and media accounts. The marketing rules that applied in 2000 or even 2013 are becoming less effective by the minute. Today, companies make a point to put their [read more]

Today, there are very few people that have not heard of the auction site eBay. It was one of the earliest and largest online sites. Even so, eBay made a crucial mistake in terms of Internet marketing?. They failed to pay attention to emerging trends and changes to search engine algorithms. In particular, they failed [read more]

When you are working on spreading the word about a company online, you are marketing their image. One of the most important factors when dealing with a company’s image online to take into account is search engine marketing. Search engine marketing or SEM is a term often heard, but what exactly is it? To put [read more]

Google is at it again, and this time the search engine giant is releasing a new algorithm designed to target local markets. If you operate a local business, you will want to sit up and pay particular attention to this latest update. Designed to offer more relevant, accurate, and useful local search results, the results [read more]

What is the biggest and most common SEO mistake made by many businesses? You might be surprised to discover that it’s not having a website at all. As simple as it may seem, many businesses still do not have a web presence. The main goal of SEO is to have everything in order to give [read more]

Should you be focused on SEO or content marketing? Increasingly, we are now seeing the term content marketing being used to replace search engine optimization. With Google and other search engines placing an increased importance on the quality of content, it has definitely taken center stage. In fact, most Internet marketing experts now agree that [read more]

It’s no secret that there is an increasing search to find the perfect website design. Since the birth of the Internet, everyone has been chasing after the one design that would lure in visitors and make it easier to convert them to paying customers. A variety of trends have come and gone over the years [read more]

When many businesses think of SEO marketing, they naturally think of keywords. The ranking of keywords is certainly important, but so are a few other parameters. Ensuring that you are embracing a comprehensive approach to search engine marketing can provide your site with optimal results. One of the most common indicators that your site might [read more]

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